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The impact of the economic downturn and policy changes on health inequalities in london

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Sir Michael Marmot's
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The Global Action for Health Equity Network (HealthGAEN) is a network of networks, institutions and people concerned about health equity, environmental sustainability and human development.

Human development, social fairness and health are each influenced by the fundamental environmental, political, economic, social and cultural characteristics of contemporary human societies, which shape how people are born, grow, live, work, age and die. Unequal access to good working conditions, quality health care and education, clean air and water, a secure and nutritious food supply – just some of the resources necessary for human wellbeing and development – is not random – it is patterned in society according to factors such as income levels, gender, ethnicity and place of residence.

While health has improved for many, the extent of health inequities between and within countries is growing. There is the need to refocus our collective understanding of human development towards one that positions equity and human flourishing within the constraints of environmental limits. As processes of globalisation bring peoples and nations closer together, we begin to see the interdependence of these causes of uneven human development and health inequity and the imperative of global, social and collective action.

To find out more about healthGAEN, please visit their website.