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The impact of the economic downturn and policy changes on health inequalities in london

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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

The Institute

The Institute was launched in November 2011, to build on previous work to tackle inequalities in health led by Professor Sir Michael Marmot and his team, including the ‘Commission on Social Determinants of Health’ and ‘Fair Society Healthy Lives’ (The Marmot Review). Current work includes a review of Social Determinants of Health and the Health Divide for the WHO European Region. 

The Institute is supported by the Department of Health, University College London and the British Medical Association. It will seek to increase health equity through action on the social determinants of health, specifically in four areas:

1.     Influencing global, national and local policies

Providing evidence and proposals to influence policy making at all levels through advocacy and advice:

  1.    High quality evidence based reports with proposals.
  2.    Developing and influencing networks
  3.    Advising on existing and proposed policies

2.       Advising on and learning from practice

Influencing the delivery of interventions to ensure they incorporate action on health and social inequalities and learning from interventions and practice:

  1.        Working with delivery organisations
  2.        Learning from best practice
  3.        Feeding implementation experience into policy making

3.     Building the Evidence Base

Ensuring that up to date, high quality research evidence is used in the design and implantation of policies and practices:

  1.        Translation of evidence into practice (through written and on line material)
  2.        Identifying gaps in research and filling the gaps where possible
  3.        Monitoring trends in health inequalities and social determinants of health at  international, national and local levels
  4.        Disseminating research evidence and best practice through web site and other means

4.     Capacity Building

Developing the capacity of the health workforce, community organisations, policy makers, and related practitioners to understand and deliver on action to reduce health inequalities:

  1.        Developing and delivering training courses
  2.        Developing and maintaining networks of people and organisations who are interested in and working on action to reduce health inequalities through the SDH
  3.        Mentoring individuals and organisations