Cities-4-People (C4P) is an EC funded Horizon 2020 project which brings together a multidisciplinary consortium of thirteen different project partners. This project seeks to promote an innovative and inclusive approach (i.e. a People Orientated Transport Mobility (POTM) approach) to creating sustaininable and equitable improvements to the transport and mobility environment in five European cities, namely Oxfordshire, Hamburg, Trikala, Budapest and Üsküdar. In line with this approach, this project employed participatory and transparent co-creation methods to identify transport and mobility challenges and to design and implement innovative solutions to address these. This was with the aim of empowering community members by engaging them in the decision making processes involved in designing interventions to address their transport and mobility needs.


As part of this project, IHE employed a Delphi methodology to co-define with stakeholders representing local transport and community groups  in the five cities, an agreed minimum set of indicators of how to evaluate impact based on what people value in their daily lives. These indicators form the ‘Core Outcome Set’ (COS). The resulting COS indicators were developed into a survey which was deployed before and after the local interventions. Partners in the project conducted process evaluations in parallel. Both process evaluation and COS evaluation methodologies were used to evaluate the interventions. 


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IHE project partners: Dr Ruth Bell Paul Mullins and Eleanor Herd