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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

A Lancet 'Film and Book' review by Michael Marmot, featuring Inequality: What Can Be Done? a book by Anthony B Atkinson, and The Divide, a film by Katharine Round

17th October 2015 03:31

'Inspired by the seminal book, 'The Spirit Level' written by Professor Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, and the inspiring work by Sir Michael Marmot and colleagues, The Divide is a film on the human impact of rising inequality on society.'

'Film and Book - Inequality - what to do and why' is Michael Marmot's review of Katharine Round's filmThe Divide, and Anthony B Atkinson's bookInequality: What Can Be Done? 

In the review Micheal says 'Atkinson's Inequality is based on sound analysis with a social purpose. His 15 proposals would not harm prosperity but would give us a fairer, less unequal society with better health and lower crime rates. Worth discussing?'

And, 'Katharine Round's film The Divide is inspired by The Spirit Level. It provides texture to the book's arguments in the lives of people at the ends of the economic spectrum... The Divide features a young woman analyst who works in the financial sector who calls extreme wealth “f**k you” money—you have enough so that you feel you can disregard anybody. As she tells us, debt is what people need to manage their lives. For Wall Street, it is just a product to be bought and sold and make a profit.'

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