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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

Moving forward monitoring of the social determinants of health in a country: lessons from England 5 years after the Marmot Review - Dr Peter Goldblatt

In this article for Global Action Health, Dr Peter Goldblatt, Senior Advisor at The Institute of Health Equity, examines the lessons that can be learned about indicators for monitoring social determinants of health inequalities from the Marmot Review and recent health inequality strategies in England.

The paper provides a narrative review of key findings on the collection, presentation, and analysis of routine data in England in the past 5 years, comparing what has been learned from the Marmot Review and other evaluations of the first health inequality strategy in England.

Goldblatt explains that the emphasis on monitoring has progressively shifted from monitoring a small number of targets and supporting information to frameworks that monitor across a wide range of determinants of both the causes of ill-health and of health service performance. As these frameworks become ever larger, some consideration is being given to the key indicators.