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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

BMA Michael Marmot Interview

03rd July 2010 07:47

Interview and profile with Michael Marmot as a BMA News Feature.

"For a man whose name is synonymous with the battle against health inequalities, it is hard to see why Professor Sir Michael Marmot was surprised when he was asked to become the BMA's president for 2010-11.

After all, his list of achievements includes chairing the WHO (World Health Organisation) Commission on Social Determinants of Health, and publishing the August 2008 report 'Closing the Gap in a Generation', which 'challenged conventional public health thinking', according to WHO director general Margaret Chan.

While in the UK, he also chaired the Department of Health-commissioned Strategic Review of Health Inequalities in England post-2010, which produced 'Fair Society, Healthy Lives', a well-received blueprint for for taking action. For more than 30 years he has led ground-breaking research and, in 2000, he was knighted for services to epidemiology and understanding health inequalities..."

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