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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

Coventy Telegraph Article

23rd January 2012 07:47

35,000 children in Coventry and Warwickshire living in poverty

Article by Warren Manger in the Coventry Telegraph, including mention of the Marmot Review.


"The Marmot Review – the government Bible on public health and inequality – warns children raised in poverty are likely to get a worse education, a worse job and live shorter, unhappier and unhealthier lives.

They are more likely to be born underweight, less likely to be breastfed and more likely to die as babies.

They are also at greater risk of:

* Being admitted to hospital for breathing or other health problems.

* Poor dental health.

* Being exposed to harmful tobacco smoke before and after birth.

* Becoming overweight or obese.

When they grow up children from poor backgrounds are more likely to become teenage parents and more likely to die young from heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

John Forde, director of public health for Coventry, said: “There are huge challenges in managing and addressing the negative impact of poverty on the health and well being of children in the city.”"

The full article is available on the Coventry Telegraph Website.