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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

Guardian Interview with Michael Marmot

21st November 2011 07:47

Economic crisis 'must not derail health and social equity agenda'.

"Economic recession must not be allowed to derail government spending on a health and social equalities agenda, according to Professor Sir Michael Marmot, who says the test of every policy should be whether it improves all our lives.

Marmot is now held in universally high regard following reports in England and at the global level on social inequalities, including deprivation, poor education and unemployment, that predict the shorter life-spans of the worst-off in society. The coalition government is doing all it can to claim it is onside with Marmot and his ideas, and is set to announce that it is to help to fund his new institute - the UCL Institute of Health Equity..."

The full article, by Sarah Boseley, is available on the Guardian Website.