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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

Health Gap: The Challenge of an Unequal World

10th September 2015 10:00

News Coverage Round-up

Professor Sir Michael Marmot has released his new book,  'Health Gap: The Challenge of an Unequal World (Bloomsbury). The release attracted news coverage across many outlets and generated new interest in the work of the Institute of Health Equity.

Below is a round-up of the media attention to date:



> i - 10 Sept - p6 (and online - see link below) - 'Social injustice' is killing 200,000 people in the UK every year, says future WMA chief'

> Times - 10 Sept - p17 - ‘Inequality is also bad for middle classes’ - (also Times, Scotland and Times Online ‘Inequality ‘kills middles classes too’’)

> Guardian - 10 Sept - p6 - 'Top doctor: social inequality in UK costing 550 lives every day'

> Daily Mail - 10 Sept - p30 - ‘Eight years of health lost to stress at work’

> Telegraph - 10 Sept - p7  - ‘Health warning for the ignored middle class’

> Guardian - 12 Sept - p20 - ‘The ‘average’ Brit lives eight fewer years than the very wealthy – health inequality affects us all’ by Michael Marmot 

> Observer - 13 Sept - p61 - ‘Now’s the time to change the way we think about health’, small article in Observer Magazine



> Lancet - 9 Sept - Michael Marmot Viewpoint (and video - see below)

> British Medical Journal - 9 Sept - (Printed, but also avaialble online)  - BMJ CONFIDENTIAL Michael Marmot: Evidence based optimist

> Pulse - 10 Sept – Included in a round up of morning’s health news headlines

> Independent - 10 Sept - (and in i print - p6) - 'Social injustice' is killing 200,000 people in the UK every year, says future WMA chief

Also this book review from Charlie Cooper of the Independent

> BBC Online - 10 Sept - ‘Why firefighters could save the NHS’ 

> Guardian - 10 Sept - (and in print - see above) - 'Top doctor: social inequality in UK costing 550 lives every day

> RT (Russian Television) -  10 Sept - 'Poverty & inequality costs 550 lives each day in UK'

> The Australian - 10 Sept - ‘Social gap 'hits UK middle-class health'

> Arafel Blog - 10 Sept -  'President Elect of The World Medical Association ...' 

> Guardian - 11 Sept ‘The richer you are, the better your health – and how this can be changed’ By Michael Marmot

> St Helens Star - 11 Sept - (and many other local papers across North West England) ‘Fire service award for fighting inequality

> Health Insurance Daily - 11 Sept - ‘Middle class people ‘live for eight healthy years less? Than the very rich

> Examples of PA Copy in other press - 10 Sept - Guernsey Press (paper), Thisisjersey.com, East Anglian Daily Times (paper), Northern Echo (paper), Yorkshire Post (paper) & BT.com (many other local papers across the UK).



Lancet Interview - 9 Sept 



BBC Today Programme - 10 Sept