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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

Tube Map Plots Life Expectancy

20th July 2012 07:47

BBC News Article: Tube Map Used to Plot Londoner's Life Expectancy

This Tube map, 'Lives on the Line', shows the variation in life expectancy in local areas across London.

The article includes a quote from Professor Sir Michael Marmot,who said the map "captures how stark the health equalities are in a very small geographical area".

"If you want to see a difference in life expectancy between countries of 11 years, you can fly from London to Guatemala," he said.

"But if you are worried about your carbon footprint, you could just catch the Tube east.

"The difference between Hackney and the West End is the same as the difference between England and Guatemala in terms of life expectancy."

Sir Michael said life expectancy was affected by "early child development, education, employment and working conditions, having the minimum income to live a healthy life, the environment and the issues of smoking, obesity, drinking and diet".