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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

Public Health: Bridging the cultural faultlines

09th May 2012 07:47

This Guardian article on planning and public health recognises the links made in the Marmot Review:

"...Take a case in point: planning. It's one of the key functions of local government, it's something all authorities have an interest in, and it's a simple entry point into public health. To date, public health considerations have been largely left out of the picture, with many planning departments emerging as disengaged from the thinking already taking place within shadow health and wellbeing boards.

The link between public health and planning, however, was explicitly recognised both by the Marmot Review into health inequalities, and the public health white paper. Equally importantly, a recent Nice review recommended the integration of health and planning. Making the link between the two could actually save councils money...."

The full article is available on the Guardian Website.