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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

Science-community links can aid slum dwellers’ health

11th March 2014 07:47

"[MANCHESTER] We all know that there is an appalling disparity in the healthof those who live in cities in developed countries and the fast-growing slums in poorer nations. But this fact was brought home to me afresh last week, when I attended the International Conference on Urban Health, in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The statistics presented at this biannual meeting show that providing health care in slums cannot be ignored or delayed: one out of six people in the world live in a slum, but in some regions, like South East Asia, that percentage rises up to 43 per cent. In Bangladesh, infant mortality rates reach 63 per cent in shanty towns, while it is 30 per cent in the non-slum areas."

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