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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

Life Expectancy Increases With The Gap Between Men And Women Closing, Study Finds

16th April 2015 09:00

In this article on 'Life Expectancy in the UK', from Huffington Post online, Sir Michael Marmot is quoted:

"This study predicts that inequalities in life expectancy are likely to increase by 2030."

"These inequalities vary with deprivation of district along the social gradient: the more deprived, the shorter the predicted life expectancy. There are even bigger variations within district - bigger in deprived districts than in more affluent ones. More deprived communities are more vulnerable to the causes of inequalities in health."

"The implication is that people of higher socioeconomic position will benefit from health and other services for longer than more deprived people. Is this fair? "A key question that the research did not address is healthy life expectancy. Will people have longer healthy lives, or more sickness?"

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