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The impact of the economic downturn and policy changes on health inequalities in london

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Presentation Slides

We want to share our work with colleagues from across the world. On this page we continue to upload presentation slides from various members of the Marmot Review Team.

Other Presentations


'Maximising the impact of the NHS in tackling health inequalities'

Jessica Allen: Narrowing the health and wellbeing gap 

Here you will find a audio recording of Dr Jessica Allen, presenting at the King's Fund conference on 'Maximising the impact of the NHS in tackling health inequalities'.

The audio can be listened to at Vimeo, alongside visuals of her slides from the day. 

In the recording she discusses how local health bodies can use the Social Value Act to reduce health inequalities through action on the social determinants of health, and improve the health and wellbeing of the local population.

You can also read the accompanying blog post by David Buck of the Kings Fund.

Reducing inequalities and improving health (Housing)

Here you will find the presentation given by Jessica Allen at KHG Housing and Health Seminar, 20th April 2016: 'Reducing inequalities and improving health'.

July 2014:

June 2014:


November 2012: Presentation by Jessica Allen, 'Effectively Reducing Health Inequalities through Health and Wellbeing Boards', given at 'Health and Wellbeing Boards: Delivering Local, Integrated Healthcare Services.


October 2012: Peter Goldblatt's presentation 'Addressing Health Inequalities: Is Any Job a Good Job?', which was given at the annual fit for work summit is available on the fit for work website.


October 2012: Presentation given by Angela Donkin at public health and voluntary sector event: 'Working to implement ‘Marmot’: Practical steps for the voluntary sector in applying the recommendations from Fair Society, Healthy Lives'


September 2012: presentation given by Angela Donkin at child poverty conference for Arun: 'Child poverty and improving outcomes for Children'.


July 2012: 'Health and Well Being Boards: Implementation and Integration', presented by Dr Jessica Allen at Westminster Health Forum.


June 2012: 'Social Determinants and Demographic Change, the economic crisis and policy change', presented by Dr Jessica Allen at the SOLACE conference 2012.


April 2012: 'Children's Centres: Early Years, Health Inequalities, and Outcomes', presented by Dr Jessica Allen at the 4children conference 'Building Sustainable Family Futures: Preventing Crisis'.


March 2012: Presentation given by Ilaria Geddes at the IHE workshop: 'Alcohol misuse, obesity and smoking: a social determinants approach to public health interventions'


February 2012: Presentation given by Dr Jessica Allen at the LGA public health annual conference - 'Health Inequalities in the New Public Health System'


December 2011: Ilaria Geddes and Sue Hogarth presentation at NICE guidance workshop: The Health Impacts of Cold Homes and Fuel Poverty


November 2011: Sue Hogarth's presentation 'Narrowing the inequalities gap: Valuing Midwives', The Royal College of Midwives Annual Conference


June 2011: Sue Hogarth's presentation 'Spatial Planning, Health and Inequalities - The Evidence', given at the University of West England