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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

Commission on Social Determinants of Health

Report abstract

The Commission on Social Determinants of Health (CSDH) was established to support countries and global health partners to address the social factors leading to ill health and inequities. It drew the attention of society to the social determinants of health that are known to be among the worst causes of poor health and inequalities between and within countries.


Overarching recommendations of the Commission:


Final report of the Commission

The Final Report of the Commmission - 'closing the gap in a generation', was published in 2008.

"This ends the debate decisively. Health care is an important determinant of health. Lifestyles are important determinants of health. But... it is factors in the social environment that determine access to health services and influence lifestyle choices in the first place." Director-General Dr Margaret Chan, at the launch of the final report of the CSDH.

By WHO; chaired by Michael Marmot Feb 2008