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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

Health Inequalities in Taiwan

Report abstract

The Taiwan Health Promotion Administration, at the Ministry of Health and Welfare have published a new report, 'Health Inequalities in Taiwan'  - available in English. The report was commisioned by Shu-Ti Chiou, Director General of the Health Promotion Administration, and prepared at the UCL Institute of Health Equity by Peter Goldblatt, Jessica Allen, Laura Grobicki and Ellen Bloomer.

Information for the report was collected and analysed in Taiwan by staff of Surveillance and Research Division of the Health Promotion Administration, with advice from Tung-Liang Chiang.

The authors are grateful to Georgina Kyriakou for her meticulous checking of the report and to Angela Scott and colleagues at UCL Creative MediaServices for the graphic design of the report.

By Taiwan Health Promotion Administration, Department of Health and Welfare and UCL Institute of Health Equity Jul 2016