Case Study 5/2015
Investigating Social Determinants of Health in the Rural Highlands of Guatemala by Johannah Brady, Sanchay Gupta, Solvelj Praxis, Noam Rosenthal, Lauren Wedekind

Investigating Social Determinants of Health in the Rural Highlands of Guatemala


Project Report Abstract

From June 15-30, 2014, a group of Stanford field research students traveled to San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala as with Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies affiliated professors and Bay Area pediatricians through the Institute’s Children in Crisis program.

During those two weeks, under the leadership of Dr. Paul Wise (Stanford CHP/PCOR) and Prof. Beatriz Magaloni (Stanford CDDRL/Political Science), researchers divided time between conducting in-home interviews with rural community members and health promoters and volunteering in mobile clinics set up by the research team in these communities surrounding San Lucas Tolimán. This research is part of a sustained three- decade-long effort to track health outcomes of rural Guatemalan residents.

This report summarizes the team’s observations within these settings and discusses multiple dimensions of poverty and development in the region: public health, education, gender roles, governance, land, energy and technology.

This interdisciplinary investigation underscores the importance of understanding the determinants of equity, if the overall goal is to improve health outcomes sustainably. The research team invites readers to consider these interdisciplinary insights to fuel possible future global health and health policy investigations.

Johannah Brady, Sanchay Gupta, Solveij Praxis, Noam Rosenthal, Lauren Wedekind, Emily Witt, Beatriz Magaloni, Ph.D., Paul Wise, M.D., M.P.H.

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