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Delivering and measuring health equity

delivering and measuring health equity

Strategies to reduce health inequalities can set out plans, methods and targets, but it is also neccessary to have systems in place to deliver interventions on the ground, and then monitor their progress.

Even backed by the best evidence and with the most carefully designed and well resourced interventions, policies will not reduce inequalities if delivery systems cannot deliver them. This often requires local partnerships, resources and capabilities in agencies and organisations being strengthened, and cross-sector collaborative work.

The measurement of gains in health equity should be based on indicators and targets that are relevant to the contexts in which they are placed, and take into account varying levels of information availability in different countries and regions. However there should also be efforts made to improve data collection in areas where it is lacking, to better enable measurement.

The strategies and reports below detail some ideas for how to deliver strategies on the ground, and then measure their progress in reducing health inequalities.

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