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The impact of the economic downturn and policy changes on health inequalities in london

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In February 2010, the Marmot Review Team published 'Fair Society, Healthy Lives' (The Marmot Review). This was the culmination of an independent review into health inequalities in England which Professor Sir Michael Marmot was asked to chair by the previous Secretary of State for Health. Since then, the team have been supporting local implementation of the Review's recommendations across the UK, and the Institute of Health Equity will continue this work.

The Institute is involved in a number of projects, including the London Mayor's health inequalities strategy, a report on 'The Health Impacts of Cold Homes and Fuel Poverty', a 'Health Promoting Hospitals' Strategy produced jointly with Barts and the London NHS Trust, and have worked with the London Health Observatory on monitoring key indicators suggested in The Marmot Review within local authorities.

A longer list of our work within the UK can be found below.

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