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The impact of the economic downturn and policy changes on health inequalities in london

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Sir Michael Marmot's
IHE team

UK Networks

The Institute of Health Equity is part of several networks which support, monitor and advance action on health equity. The Institute will  support and encourage  the international momentum behind the social determinants of health approach and develop these networks and foster action through

  • Advocacy;  
  • Developing the evidence base, through partnerships on research, evaluation, monitoring and review;
  • Development of policy and interventions to tackle health inequalities;
  • Building capacity. 

The Institute is working with organisations, countries, regions and cities across the world to assess and implement actions to tackle health inequalities.

In the UK, these include:

- A network of local authorities in England (Stoke, Newcastle, Gateshead, Bristol, Somerset, Coventry) working in-depth to develop a 'Marmot' approach.

- Development of a collaboration between England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland to explore convergence and divergence in a range of issues relating to health inequalities.

- An informal network of organisations across a range of sectors committed to action on the social determinants of health.