About Our Work

Monitoring and Evaluating Progress

What gets measured gets done

Measurement and monitoring is an essential component of work to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities.  Measures help practitioners to prioritise action where need is greatest and to evaluate the success of their strategies.

IHE provide consultancy services in the form of data and advice on how to monitor health inequalities and the social determinants of health. In addition we have created guidelines for measurement in the early years, how to maximise scale and impact and how to monitor the impact of austerity and the economic downturn. We have provided advice to local areas, countries and international bodies.

We have advised on a number of measurement frameworks across the world.  For example our work influenced the Public Health Outcomes Framework within the UK, and we are currently advising the WHO on the Universal Health Care Measurement Framework.   

Global monitoring

Across the world countries can learn from the indicators we've developed for the UK as well as from recommendations within our global and area reports. 

Local practitioners may wish to look at the data available, and the opportunity to disaggregate the data by measures of socio-economic status.  Where such data is not present then proxies could be utilised and data improvement strategies put in place.

If you would like advice regarding measuring inequalities or the social determinants of health, please get in touch.