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What Works for Health Equity?


How to improve outcomes at a practical and local level: Evidence reviews and briefings by the Institute


In our major reviews we set out a road map for improvements in the Social Determinants of Health, and we recommend action in specific areas of SDH to improve health equity. Following these, and other reviews, we see an abundent and strong evidence base, outlining the need for action on the social determinants of health.  The key issue is now to ensure practical implementation.

Our series' of evidence reviews and ‘what works’ briefing papers, commissioned by The Department of Health, and by Public Health England ('Local Action on Health Inequalities'), have reviewed evidence to provide helpful advice for the UK (primarily English) context.

 Reviews for the Department of Health

Reviews and Briefings for Public Health England

In addition we have a range of materials targeted at helping certain professions to implement recommendations to reduce inequalities in health through the Social Determinants of Health approach, many of which have been co-produced with professional bodies. These include: