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Training and Courses

Training and Courses

1. UCL Health and Society Summer School: Social Determinants of Health 


This course runs annually.

The summer school is organised by the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. It provides an in-depth assessment of the social determinants of health from a global research, policy and governance perspective. 

Professor Sir Michael Marmot will open the summer school with a presentation on the social determinants of health and close the week with a lecture and discussion on national and international policy development. 

Follow this link to the UCL SDH Summer School course page.


2. The Royal College of Physicians e-learning course: Introduction to the social determinants of health 


This course is ongoing - the package, once students are enrolled, will last for 3 months.

This e-learning course provides a way for health professionals to tackle health inequalities. It was developed with input from the team at IHE, and clearly sets out the main drivers of health inequalities, which are rooted in social, economic and environmental circumstances, and provides clear practical actions which can be taken.

As a benefit for their members and fellows, the RCP has made available a limited number of modules free of charge. Non-members can purchase the module for £30.

Link to the RCP Social Determinants course page