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The Health Equity Network Institute of Health Equity

January 2023 saw the launch of The Health Equity Network. 

We now have over 750 active members from across the UK who are working together to achieve new standards of health with innovative, collaborative, and intersectional approaches to the most complex health issues. We have monthly themed webinars to highlight various issues across the health equity spectrum with engaging speaker panels comprised of Network Members and external experts alike. 

This professional network will provide an opportunity for organisations, both public and private sector, community and voluntary groups and individuals to share their work on health equity and to engage across the country with others with the same interests. The intention is to build momentum for health equity UK wide.

The idea for the network was born out of the recognition of a gap in the opportunity for organisations and communities across the UK to connect and collaborate with those working towards similar health equity goals. We aspire to encourage and support creative solutions to challenging health equity issues, and to engender partnerships that go beyond single disciplinary approaches.

Inequalities in health have been exposed and amplified during the COVID19 pandemic and will likely deepen further through the cost-of-living crisis. There is a great deal which local authorities, the community and voluntary sector, private sector and businesses can do to improve health equity.

The Institute of Health Equity has teamed up with Legal & General to create the Health Equity Network. It will function mainly as an online platform aimed at supporting increased public and private partnerships across the United Kingdom and encourage interdisciplinary problem solving on health equity.

If you think you or your organisation would want to be an active part of this network and benefit from the partnerships the Network hopes to support then register your interest through the form below, and share it amongst your colleagues and peers.

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