Report 9/2014
Building Children and Young People's Resilience in Schools by Public Health England, UCL Institute of Health Equity

This pair of reports is part of a set of documents, commissioned by Public Health England, and written by the UCL Institute of Health Equity.  It addresses the role of schools in building children and young people’s resilience and capabilities.

The reports here provide a summary of evidence about the effect of resilience on health, the unequal distribution of resilience and its contribution to levels of health inequalities. The review outlines the potential actions that can be taken in schools in order to build resilience for all children and young people and reduce inequalities in resilience.

Throughout, a social determinants approach to resilience is taken. Children and young people’s individual characteristics are seen as shaped by, and related to, inequities in power, money and resources, and the conditions in which they are born, grow, live, and in which they will work and age. Family and community resilience are highly significant and similarly shaped by wider social and economic factors.

The full evidence review and a shorter summary briefing are available to download above.

The Local Action on Health Inequalities series  provides case studies, and examples of good practice for local areas. This overview document provides an introduction to the series.