Information, Advice and Guidance 9/2022
Building the Evidence Base for Health Inequalities in London

Building the Evidence Base for Health Inequalities in London


Intervention reviews for London

The Institute of Health Equity received grant funding from the GLA to support the development of a series of evidence reviews focused on interventions for London to be produced over the course of 2022-2024. These reviews are intended to inform a shared, partnership understanding 'what works’ to address key facets of health inequalities in London, underpinning the delivery of key programmes of work, including the London Health Inequalities Strategy and London Recovery Board Missions.

The reviews will draw together key evidence on interventions from regional, national and international sources which stakeholders can use to inform and underpin their work.

This work is being delivered through a collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders across London, drawing on expert knowledge and harnessing existing community/public insights.  

There will be six intervention reviews, which will focus on the following topics;

The reviews are scheduled for delivery across 2022-2024 and individual reviews will be published on this website as they are finalised.


Companion intelligence work on health inequalities in London

Alongside the reviews, we are working in partnership with colleagues from GLA Group Public Health and City Intelligence Units, Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID), and NHS England and Improvement London, to produce a rapid overview and analysis of data on health inequalities in London. There is also work planned to provide supporting information and context for each of the intervention reviews. Outputs from this work are scheduled for delivery across 2022-2024.