Report 7/2021
Embedding the Marmot Principles in Tendring, Essex by Ruth Bell

Embedding the Marmot Principles in Tendring, Essex

.pdfEmbedding the Marmot Principles in Tendring, Essex
This discussion paper applies a ‘Marmot lens’ to generate discussion among partners in Essex, and in particular Tendring and its most deprived coastal communities in Clacton-on-Sea, about what more can be done and what can be done better across the public, private and community voluntary sectors with reference to the key areas for action developed by the Marmot Review to improve health and reduce health inequalities. Discussions such as these are vital in building partnerships for implementing approaches to improving health and tackling health inequalities.
Such an opportunity for reflection and discussion is particularly relevant now, in the era of COVID 19. Based on findings from across England, the COVID 19 pandemic exacerbated existing needs across the country, especially among those living in the most deprived areas. In addition, health inequalities affecting coastal towns and cities have become a matter of national as well as local concern.
The UK Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO’s) Annual Report 2021 throws a spotlight on health challenges in coastal communities, including Clacton-on-Sea, and identifies the need for a national strategy to address these health challenges, in addition to local action.