Report 9/2014
Good quality parenting programmes and the home to school transition by The Institute of Health Equity

This report is part of a set of documents, commissioned by Public Health England, and written by the UCL Institute of Health Equity. It addresses the effects of parenting and good transition on the health and wellbeing of children aged 0-5.

Evaluations from the UK and other countries show a positive effect of parenting interventions on outcomes and behaviours that we know are linked to positive health and development outcomes for children.

Home to school transition programmes can be effective in improving the outcomes for children from more disadvantaged socio-economic groups more than for children from more advantaged socio-economic groups, although longer term impact on health inequalities can only be inferred because the impact on health has not been studied.

This full evidence review and two shorter summary briefings are available to download above.

The Local Action on Health Inequalities series  provides case studies, and examples of good practice for local areas. This LAHI overview document provides an introduction to the series.