Tool or Dataset 1/2015
Health Equity Indicators for the NHS by Dr Peter Goldblatt (IHE), Dr Richard Cookson (Public Health England), University of East Anglia, City University London, University College London

Health Equity Indicators for the NHS


Researchers (including Dr Peter Goldblatt of IHE) have developed a set of indicators to help reduce preventable A&E admissions arising from social inequality – as figures reveal there were almost 38,000 deaths in England in one year from treatable conditions. The most deprived fifth of neighbourhoods in England suffer more than twice as many preventable emergency hospitalisations as the least deprived fifth, allowing for age and sex. The indicators include number of patients per GP, primary care quality, hospital waiting time, preventable emergency hospitalisation, and repeat emergency hospitalisation.

Further details:

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By Richard Cookson, Miqdad Asaria, Shehzad Ali, Brian Ferguson (Public Health England), Robert Fleetcroft (University of East Anglia), Maria Goddard, Peter Goldblatt (UCL Institute for Health Equity), Mauro Laudicella (City University London), Rosalind Raine (University College London)