Report 9/2016
Improving School Transitions For Health Equity by Jill Roberts

Improving School Transitions For Health Equity

.pdfImproving School Transitions For Health Equity

This paper summarises the latest evidence on school transitions to determine the nature of and extent of their impact on health outcomes. It also considers whether or not school transition interventions and strategies can help to reduce health inequalities.

School transitions are the moves children and young people make into, between and from schools. These times of change can be stressful and challenging periods for children, young people and their parents or carers as they worry about academic expectations, and about negotiating new environments and social relationships. However, school transitions can also provide important opportunities for pupils to build resilience.

Resilient pupils are more able to deal with difficulties and adversities, and are therefore more likely to experience conditions which are positive for health. School transitions can thus be both a threat and opportunity.

This report was written for the Department of Health by Jill Roberts of the UCL Institute of Health Equity.

This report is a part of a suite for DH.

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