Report 3/2021
London Bus Drivers Review by The Institute of Health Equity

Following the tragic deaths, related to COVID-19, of a number of colleagues among bus companies operating routes within London in March to May 2020, TfL commissioned UCL Institute of Health Equity in May 2020 to undertake a study. This consisted of a rapid, short term review of the actions and measures implemented then, as well as commissioning a more detailed study to understand the pattern of infection with deaths and sickness from COVID-19 in bus drivers in March to May 2020. The rapid review was published in July 2020, with recommendations on the further immediate actions required.

The phase 2 report updates the analysis undertaken then with new data from bus operators and the Office for National Statistics to provide a better indication of the extent of excess mortality among London bus drivers in the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in London in March to May 2020.  It also reports on the results of a survey of drivers of buses on TfL routes in London (London bus drivers) in October and November 2020. This points to both pre-existing and new risks to their health and wellbeing and informs the further short- and longer-term recommendations provided in this report.

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