About Us

The UCL Institute of Health Equity


Our mission is nothing less than a fairer, healthier society


The UCL Institute of Health Equity was established in 2011 and is led by Professor Sir Michael Marmot.

The aim is to develop and support approaches to health equity and build on work that has assessed, measured  and implemented approaches to tackle inequalities in health - works such as the ‘WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health’ and ‘Fair Society Healthy Lives’ (The Marmot Review).

Since 2011, the Institute has led and collaborated on works to address the Social Determinants of Health and improve health equity.

These works include the PAHO Commission on Equity and Health Inequalities in the Americas, a Review of Social Determinants of Health and the Health Divide for the WHO European Region, Indicators for Local Authorities in EnglandHealthy Places, Healthy LivesSocial Determinants of Mental Health, local practice resources for public health.