A Prescription for Poverty Institute of Health Equity

In this feature article for the BMJ, Jane Parry reports on a family physician run project in Canada that aims to treat social problems as well as medical ones and mentions Professor Sir Michael Marmot's recent visit to Canada:

'Michael Marmot, director of the University College London Institute of Health Equity, who was in Toronto recently and met with Bloch and his team, says he was inspired by what he saw: “I’m very excited that a group of clinicians are taking seriously what I’ve been arguing about the social determinants of health, which at first glance sound like they have not much to do with doctors.

“Gary and his team recognise that they have a mixed population in that part of Toronto, and that the hospital has a community it serves. It’s important to get the evidence to see what works and what doesn’t, but I was very impressed with what they’re trying to do.”

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