Taking Action

Global Work

Health inequalities transcend borders, requiring coordinated efforts and collective action on a global scale. Global health research serves as the cornerstone for understanding and addressing complex challenges, such as health inequalities.

IHE have collaborated with organisations such as the WHO and the UN. Our partnerships with the WHO and the UN foster innovation, facilitate knowledge exchange, and ensure research findings are translated into policies and programs that have tangible impacts on health inequalities.

Read about our collaborations with the WHO on the Special Initiative for the social determinants of health.

Read about our work with the Chinese University of Hong Kong 

WHO Reports

These reports were published in collaboration with the World Health Organisation and the United Nations, and focus more broadly on the global / macro context for health inequalities.

Country Reports

These reports are targeted to specific country contexts, and have been comissioned either by the government or by NGOs seeking out evidence-based health inequalities research.