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Greater Manchester - Manchester City Council

Greater Manchester - Manchester City Council

Making Manchester Fairer (MMF) is Manchester City Council’s (MCC) five-year action plan and long-term ambition to address health inequalities in the city focussing on the social determinants of health. It was endorsed and launched in October 2022.   

In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis, the need to tackle inequalities in the city continues to be a corporate priority. The delivery of MMF can be summarised by its 8 themes, 4 ways of involving communities and 6 principles that underpin the way the programme will be delivered.  

MMF Delivery Plan Themes, Principles and Ways of Involving communities. 

*Based on insight from community group engagement 

The programme of work is overseen by a system wide senior leadership group who make up the MMF Task Force, and the MMF Programme Board, which was established to include a mixture of both organisational representatives and residents who provide a different perspective based on their professional or personal experience of health inequalities and/or poverty. 

Recognising the impact poverty has on health outcomes, the anti-poverty strategy (APS) that was adopted by MCC in January 2023 has been integrated into MMF. The APS will implement interventions to positively impact residents’ lives over the medium to long-term whilst MMF will provide the system changes needed to tackle poverty.  

Four Kickstarter schemes have been identified to improve health equity, exemplify the MMF principles, and build momentum for the delivery of the plan. Delivery of Phase one Kickstarter Schemes began in 2023 and focuses on: 

  1. Supporting children, young people and their families particularly those most impacted by the cost-of-living crisis and those from communities that experience racial inequality, by providing a three-tiered approach-intensive, targeted and universal-of holistic support for children and families, targeted at schools and areas with poorer outcomes targeting early support to improve mental and emotional wellbeing for young people in high-risk population groups

  2. Early help and support for adults experiencing multiple and  complex disadvantage, and barriers to their health and wellbeing. Offering a holistic approach to individuals receiving services and support tailored to their needs as well as strengthening links between people and community.

Phase two Kickstarter scheme delivery models are currently under development with a view to implementation later in 2024.  They will focus on: 

  1. Integrating employment, health and wellbeing services for people who are out of work or at risk of being out of work due to physical or mental ill-health  

  1. Supporting residents to become active in their neighbourhoods and communities -a campaign built on grass-roots activities celebrating the diversity of Manchester and the broad range of activities that can help people stay fit and active.