Information, Advice and Guidance 10/2023
Building Health Equity – The Role of Developers

Building Health Equity – The Role of Developers


A collaborative partnership has been established between Legal & General, the UCL Institute of Health Equity and the Quality of Life Foundation. It aims to support and inspire the development sector to commit to greater health equity through homes and places across the UK. 


The partnership will develop a programme of action to galvanise investors, housebuilders and developers, with two objectives: 

  • To develop practical approaches to create homes and places that improve health equity. 

  • To build a platform for leadership on homes, place and health.  

In its initial phase the partnership will: 

  • Consolidate and communicate the evidence base on the impact of homes and places on health equity. 

  • Interview key stakeholders to understand barriers and opportunities to promoting health equity in the development process. 

  • Convene a roundtable of individuals and organisations to strengthen health equity in the sector. 


The partnership will publish key findings, recommendations and a programme of action in early 2024. 


For questions and further information, please contact Jamaica Noferini at 


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