Report 10/2014
Natural Solutions to Tackling Health Inequalities by Dr Jessica Allen, Reuben Balfour

‘Natural Solutions to Tackling Health Inequalities’ report highlights the evidence of the benefits of green spaces to health and wellbeing outcomes, and the inequalities in use of, and access to, natural environments across England.

These inequalities  contribute to health inequalities. The report also proposes ways to improve access and use of green space, in order to improve health equity. 

In light of this evidence it is important to see the large variations between local authorities in the proportion of people using greenspace for health and exercise. These were reported  by the Institute of Health Equity in September 2014 and summarised in the evidence document above.  

Together this information presents real challenges for practitioners, academics and policy makers from across the health and environment sectors, at both national and local levels, to better utilise the natural environment to help tackle health inequality.