Information, Advice and Guidance 6/2023
New Marmot Places Work Announced in Leeds by IHE Team

New Marmot Places Work Announced in Leeds


In June 2023 Leeds became the latest Marmot place, joining over 40 other local authorities in England and Wales.

Leeds City Council and University College London’s Institute of Health Equity (IHE) are working together over two-years to tackle health inequalities and the part they play in causing illness and lowered life expectancy.  We will start with a focus on two areas - giving every child the best start in life and creating healthy and sustainable communities with good quality housing. 

The Marmot programme is complementing and building upon the work already being done in Leeds to improve health particularly those living in areas of higher deprivation. 

Evidence, including that reported in the  IHE Build Back Fairer: The COVID-19 Marmot Review showed that health inequalities were deepened by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In joining forces with the IHE, the council is drawing on the expertise of the Marmot team as it seeks to deal with those inequalities. 

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