Report 3/2024
The Environment and Health Inequalities in Hong Kong by Michael Marmot, Antia Castedo, Jessica Allen, Peter Goldblatt, Jean Woo, Eng-Kiong Yeoh, Hung Wong, Roger Chung, Eric Lai, Gary Chung, Michelle Kwan, Richard Lee

The Environment and Health Inequalities in Hong Kong

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In this report, we discuss the effects of some of the main environmental drivers of health in Hong Kong. This includes the places where people live, neighbourhoods and communities, with a particular focus on subdivided units. The role of public housing is also discussed, as nearly half of the population in Hong Kong lives in this type of housing. The report also focuses on climate change as another major environmental driver of health, discussing some of its impacts, including temperature increases and exacerbation of the urban heat island effect, rising sea levels, rainfall changes and growing frequency of extreme weather events.

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