Report 11/2017
Voluntary Sector Action on the Social Determinants of Health - evidence review by Sorcha Daly, Jessica Allen

Voluntary Sector Action on the Social Determinants of Health - evidence review

.pdfvoluntary sector action on the SDoH - evidence review

This evidence review was commissioned by the Health Foundation and developed in collaboration with New Philanthropy Capital (NPC). It provides a wide range of evidence demonstrating the impact of social determinants on health and identifies clear system levers that can be utilised by the voluntary sector to highlight the need for action, to approach potential new partners, and to work collaboratively across sectors.

The report is designed to help charities that do not have a health focus understand the evidence about how their social interventions improve people’s health. Addressing these could decrease overall demand and expense in the long term, and can help to keep people well.

Below you will find the full evidence review, broken down into categories and beginning with the 'Executive Summary and the Introduction'. We hope this will help with ease of navigation to your specific area of interest.

Executive Summary and Introduction

  1. family
  2. friends and communities
  3. housing
  4. education and skills
  5. good work
  6. money and resources
  7. our surroundings

As part of their healthy lives strategy—NPC has worked with the Institute of Health Equity (IHE) to produce a guide to the evidence for charities to help them understand and demonstrate how their work on social issues like housing and employment helps support the nation’s health.

The NPC guide is underpinned by our in-depth evidence review, and therefore focuses on the same seven, important social determinants of health.

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