Report 9/2015
Local Action on Health Inequalities: Promoting Good Quality Jobs to Reduce Health Inequalities by Dan Durcan

These reports, commissioned by Public Health England, are intended as practice resources produced to help:

  • local authorities
  • health and wellbeing boards
  • and health and social care professionals
  • when devising local programmes and strategies to reduce health inequalities.

The conditions in which we work have a large impact on our health: good quality jobs can be protective of health, whereas poor quality work can be adverse for health. Poor quality jobs are an issue for health inequalities as they are concentrated at the lower end of the social gradient.

The UCL Institute of Health Equity was commissioned by Public Health England to produce a report that would illustrate how to reduce health inequalities through creating and promoting more employment opportunities in good work.

It builds on a previous collaboration, culminating in the report ‘Local action on health inequalities: Increasing employment opportunities and improving workplace health’.

The way in which LEPs can shape job growth to take into account health inequalities, and how they can use job creation to help reduce these inequalities, are presented.