Report 8/2012
Spatial Planning and Health (NICE) by Ilaria Geddes, Jessica Allen, Matilda Allen, Lucy Morrisey

Spatial Planning and Health (NICE)

.pdfSpatial Planning and Health Report (NICE)

The 'Fair Society, Healthy Lives' (Marmot Review) team prepared a paper for The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) on their Spatial Planning for Health Project.

The aim of the paper was to present further analysis of evidence on health and the built environment, sustainable development and spatial planning which was outlined in the Marmot Review and associated evidence papers.

The objective of the paper was to provide information and materials that would help to identify opportunities for further integrating health considerations within the spatial planning process, and to highlight resources for practitioners (architects, urban designers, planners, public health practitioners, NHS bodies and local authorities) working to implement the guidance.

The paper:

  • provides evidence about the relationships between health and spatial design, and the socio-economic gradient in environmental disadvantage.
  • outlines the Marmot Review policy recommendations for the built environment and the evidence and analysis behind these proposals.
  • proposes good design principles for promoting both physical and mental health and well-being within communities.
  • gives examples of best practice in addressing health inequalities through spatial planning and matrices to develop best practice interventions.
  • includes a review of available resources and tools to assess the health and equity needs of an area and the impact of developments and regeneration projects on health equity (both pre- and post- implementation).

The guidance has been discontinued by NICE but has been taken forward by others, for example: